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Clear Brush-On Glaze

Clear Brush-On Glaze
Elements™ & Elements Chunkies™ How To Use: Elements™ & Elements Chunkies™

Elements are non-toxic glazes in natural earth tones. Surfaces vary from gloss to matte, with subtle variations in each color for a truly unique look. No two pieces will ever be alike. Elements are great for achieving a natural organic look or a sophisticated elegant look.

Product Features, Attributes and Application Recommendations:

  1. Apply to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Use a soft fan or glaze brush, depending on the area and surface to be covered.

  2. Generally three coats of glaze is recommended, however, applying four coats will produce a totally different look. For a different effect, brush on three coats and apply a final fourth coat using a silk or sea wool sponge.

  3. An uneven glaze application and the piece’s shape and surface (plain or embossed) will also affect the look of the glaze.

  4. Elements Chunkies (EL-201 through EL-206) are an Elements base with the addition of crystals. Apply Elements Chunkies in the same manner as Elements glazes.

  5. Fire to shelf cone 06. Allow the pieces ample room in the kiln for air circulation during firing. A heavily loaded kiln will affect the color and the float within the colors. Elements may also be fired at higher temperatures, up to a shelf cone 6. These glazes develop their own personalities when high fired.

Special Notes:

  1. Color application, firing time and temperature, shape of the piece and placement of pieces in the kiln can all affect the final results. This is part of the beauty and versatility of Elements. Each piece will be uniquely different.

  2. Elements and Element Chunkies are not overglaze compatible. When Elements are fired to lower overglaze firing temperatures (shelf cone 018-020), the original glaze color changes. However some of the matte finish Elements have interesting inishes after an overglaze firing. Experiment and make test samples before using overglazes with Elements.
Tips and Techniques:

Can Elements be Mixed with Other Glazes?
Using Elements with Pottery Coat, and Pottery Cascade creates beautiful effects. However, intermixing Elements with other glazes is unpredictable; make test samples first to see if the fired result is the desired effect. Combining them with other products may alter the chemical composition and change their non-toxic status.
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