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How To Use:

  1. Weigh proper amount of room temperature water in a clean container. (Warmer water will accelerate the setting time.) Height of container should be approximately 3 times the diameter.
  2. Weigh proper amount of plaster/gypsum.
  3. Sprinkle the plaster/gypsum into the water. (Never pour water into plaster/gypsum). As you near completion, small mounds of plaster will peak above the surface of the water. When all the plaster/gypsum has been added, allow the mixture to sit undisturbed while the plaster soaks up the water. (Several minutes).
  4. MANUALLY: It is possible to get a good mix by using a spoon or wood dowel. Mix slowly and steadily from the bottom, using a side to side motion. Stirring in a circular motion will introduce undesirable air bubbles into the mix. Consistency of final mix should be that of heavy dairy cream. (The "old timers" are sometimes seen "elbow deep in plaster" literally mixing by hand. This is a very dangerous method since plaster becomes extremely hot when setting, potentially resulting in severe burns.)

    ELECTRIC MIXER: You can achieve a consistently good mix by using an electric drill with a Hanson plunge or Jiffy mixer. "Stir" at 1750 RPM while holding the mixer at 15 off vertical. This method is also quicker than the manual method discussed above.

    STORAGE: Store plaster/gypsum in a warm, dry area, raised from the floor to avoid moisture absorption. The shelf life of all plaster/gypsum is limited but that life can be extended by storing in air-tight plastic containers.
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