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Mayco Stroke & Coat Accents

Mayco Stroke & Coat Accents

Create Dimensional Surface Texture

Stroke & Coat® Accents is a dimensional glaze that can be used to create raised designs, outlines, stripes, dots, lines and squiggles. It can be applied directly on clay, unpainted bisque, or over other glazes. Clear glaze may be applied if desired. Unlike most other dimensional glazes, which tend to flatten out during firing, Accents fired results will remain clean and crisp.

Stroke & Coat® Accents' formula contains more clay than regular gloss glazes. The clay provides support during application and firing, allowing for raised areas as high as 1/4".

  • Surface - can be applied to greenware, earthenware bisque or on top of a glaze.
  • Gloss Finish - Accents will produce a gloss finish without the need of a clear glaze.
  • Certified AP Non-Toxic and Food Safe

Application Recommendations

  • First Use & Bottle Prep: Before first using the product you will need to punch a hole in tip of the plastic screw cap using the writer tip provided. DO NOT CUT the plastic tip or make the tip opening larger than the thickness of the writer tip. The metal writer tip is threaded; twist the metal tip onto the plastic nozzle until it fits snuggly on the plastic tip.
  • Applying Color: Shake bottle to force color down into the tip. To initiate product flow, squeeze out a little glaze through the writer tip onto a paper towel. Use steady, even pressure to begin your detailing. Fire to shelf cone 06 (999?C). Accents are Food Safe, Non Toxic and Non Hazardous when used under normal conditions.
  • Accents may be fired to cone 6 on unglazed porcelain or stoneware bisque. Always test first before using on a major project. Accent will level a bit more at higher temperatures.
  • Post Use & Storage: If you anticipate using Accents frequently, you may want to store the bottle with the metal tip left on the bottle. Place the metal straight pin (provided) into the metal writer tip; this will help keep the writer tip free from clogging. An alternative storage method is to remove the metal writer tip and reattach the white plastic tip to the screw cap. You'll want to soak the metal writer tip in warm water to remove any traces of Accents from the nozzle. In either case it is important to minimize air exposure to Accents.
  • Periodically remove the metal tip and swipe the plastic tip completely clean. Little dried particles can cause clogging in the metal tip or fall onto your work. Store at room temperature. Keep from freezing.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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