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Amaco Designer Velvet Underglazes

All colors in the DV Series are LEAD FREE and AP NON-TOXIC.

Designer Velvets are semi-translucent underglazes that have the same distinction as the original Velvet line with the addition of small specks. When left unglazed, they assume the appearance of velvet or velour with a soft speckle effect. When glazed with AMACO® Transparent Matte or Clear Glazes, they intensify slightly in color.

Designer Velvet colors can be used on greenware or bisque. Recommended bisque firing range is Cone 04, but Designer Velvets tolerate a wide firing range with recommended firing temperature being that of the clay used.

To prepare these underglazes, shake and stir for thorough mixing. It is usually not necessary to thin these colors. However, upon occasion or for varying techniques, it may become necessary to thin Designer Velvets. In this case add a few drops of water and mix thoroughly. For best results, apply two coats only of DV-3325 and DV-3371.

Designer Velvets may be brushed on greenware which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze, or on a mature Cone 04 (1971F, 1077C) bisque, then a covering glaze applied. For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct.

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Desert Sun
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Desert Sun 
* 2 oz  $3.30 Qty
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Speckled Pink
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Speckled Pink 
* 2 oz  $3.30 Qty
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Cactus Green
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Cactus Green 
* 2 oz  $3.30 Qty
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Desert Grass
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Desert Grass 
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* Discontinued Item - Limited to stock on hand
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