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Gleco Trap 64 oz.
Product Code: 007064
Category:  Miscellaneous Studio Equipment
Gleco Trap 64 oz.
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  1 or more $125.00 each
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Most household and commercial sinks are equipped with U-shaped plumbing traps, commonly known as p-traps. Located beneath sinks in kitchens and bathrooms, this device traps water to prevent gases from entering the residential and commercial buildings.

For sinks servicing medical, dental and optical offices, the jewelry industry, ceramic studios and similar applications involving a concentration of solids, or loss of valuables down the drain, The Gleco Trap has proven to be very successful.

To be economical and efficient, the maintenance on the plumbing trap must be easily and quickly performed. Current state-of-the-art equipment, however, did not offer a solution.

Introducing The Gleco Trap

The Gleco Trap provides you with an economical plumbing trap that is easily installed and maintained.

The Gleco Trap is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle, which has a fill line. When the solids reach the fill line, the trap is drained through a valve, the bottle is exchanged with a replacement bottle, the valve shut and the trap is back in service.

Bottle exchange is rapid and done without the need of tools. Most of all, there is no mess and less chance of water spillage.

All Complete Packages come with the following materials to aid with installation.

(1) Extra Bottle with Lid
(1) 1 1/2" x 8" sink tailpiece
(1) 1 1/2" trap tailpiece
(2) 1 1/2" slip-joint washers
(4) 1 1/2" slip-joint nuts
(1) 1 1/2" flat washer
(1) Extra O-Ring
Complete instructions.
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