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Softly Florals Plate
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Robins Egg - 1/4 Lb

Robins Egg
1/4 Lb

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Sponging on Bisque

Sponging on Bisque
Product Code: SH508
Manufacturer: Duncan
Category:  Shimmer Glazes
Fire To: Cone 06
Additional Information:
  • How to use this product
  • 8 oz  $9.25
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    Bright and Cheery Chevron Mug
    Bright and Cheery Chevron Mug
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Paint yourself a yummy mug full of color and personality from which you'll love sipping all your favorite hot beverages. Combine Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™ with Duncan® Concepts Underglazes for Bisque in a wake-me-up chevron pattern.
    Full of Love Heart Plate
    Full of Love Heart Plate
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Perfect for a gift or for serving a decadent Valentine's Day dinner, this shimmery plate will capture your heart! Full of sparkly hearts made from Duncan® Shimmer Glazes®, it will definitely be love at first sight!
    Ghoulish Grin
    Ghoulish Grin
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Serve your Fright Night cuisine with a ghoulish grin! Use Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™ to make this hand-painted skeleton plate sparkle with spooky personality.
    Glitter Pop Mugs
    Glitter Pop Mugs
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Coffee mugs are an extension of our personality. They relay our mood and are functional in so many ways. That's why they are even better when you paint them yourself - you can customize your mug to match your sparkling personality!
    Light the Night Candle Holders
    Light the Night Candle Holders
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Give a touch of soft, gradated color with a touch of shimmer to the Duncan® Oh Four® Candle Holders. With dark-to-light accents, the design is sure to be a focal point for any table or countertop.
    Make it Mine Pedestal Mug
    Make it Mine Pedestal Mug
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Sip your favorite beverages from cocoa to coffee in your own personalized mug that says it's all yours! Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™ offer bright and cheery greetings for morning and all day long.
    Neon La Calavera Jar
    Neon La Calavera Jar
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Calaveras are a common image associated with Dia de los Muertos. Now you can create your own functional one for year-round use with the Duncan® Oh Four® Skull Box. Add bright neon colors for a festive design.
    Pretty Lady Ladybug Box
    Pretty Lady Ladybug Box
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Ladybugs are a beautiful addition to any garden, and now you can bring that beauty indoors by creating your own ladybug box to store trinkets and other treasures. Give it some extra sparkle with Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™.
    Sharing the Love BFF Mugs
    Sharing the Love BFF Mugs
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Start your day off right with a BFF mug made just for you and yours. The fun Duncan® Oh Four® Puzzle Mugs are the perfect pair to show how much you care.
    Shine Bright Like a Diamond Plate
    Shine Bright Like a Diamond Plate
    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Thanks to the effervescent sparkle of the Duncan® Shimmer Glazes, the Duncan® Geometrix square and triangle plates give off the shimmer of a precious gemstone. Add a touch of creativity using complementary colors and clever masking techniques for even more interest.
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