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Technique Description: Create the look of marble with these steps.

Additional Information:
Step 1: Apply shaving cream
Apply shaving cream on piece of wax paper.
Apply shaving cream
Step 2: Smooth out shaving cream
Smooth out shaving cream evenly using cardboard.
Smooth out shaving cream
Step 3: Squirt glaze over shaving cream
Squirt a few drops of Concepts glaze over shaving cream mixture.
Squirt glaze over shaving cream
Step 4: Mix in glaze
Use a brush to create a marbled look in shaving cream.
Mix in glaze
Step 5: Press plate into mixture
With bisque plate facing down, press completely into Concepts/shaving cream mixture.
Press plate into mixture
Step 6: Remove excess shaving cream
Scrape excess shaving cream off plate with a piece of cardboard.
Remove excess shaving cream
Step 7: Rinse plate
Rinse plate with running water, just enough to wash of the shaving cream. Don't worry, shaving cream will wash off but the Concepts will stay!
Rinse plate
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