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Hand and Footprint Technique


Technique Description: This is a fun technique for a commemorative baby plate with both feet in traditional baby colors. Duncan's range of high-performing, nontoxic products also makes this technique safe for a baby's tender skin.

You can also create a circle of hand prints to form a wreath, or stamp a hand for everyone in the family as a family plaque (and don't forget your pup or your very patient cat!)

Additional Information:
Step 1: Create hand print
To create a hand print, brush or sponge a Duncan Glaze on the child's or adult's hand.
Create hand print
Step 2: Press onto bisque
Press the hand onto the bisque to leave a hand print on the surface. It's helpful to practice on 8 1/2" x 11" paper or paper towels a couple times to get the feel for the right pressure.
Press onto bisque
Step 3: Lift straight off

Pull straight up after pressing hand onto bisque.

Wash Duncan Glaze or Acrylic from your hand for fast cleanup.

Let piece dry.

To create a footprint, follow the same instructions for the bottom of a foot.

Lift straight off
Step 4: Thumbprint

To create a thumbprint, brush thumb with a Duncan Glaze or Acrylic color.

If the color is too thick and drippy, touch the thumb once to the palette to pull away the excess color, then press onto the bisque surface to form a thumbprint.

Step 5: Repeat
To create an apple shape, brush your thumb into the glaze or acrylic color and press onto the bisque surface next to your first thumbprint to form a tight W shape.
Step 6: Lift straight off

Lift thumb straight off bisque.

Wash your hands or your child's hands for quick cleanup.

Let piece dry.

Lift straight off
Step 7: Paint and stamp with fingertip
You can stamp two fingerprints in a loose W shape to form hearts, stamp many prints for leaves on trees, and shape fun animals from fingerprints.
Paint and stamp with fingertip
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