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Technique Description: Quik-Crackle is a nontoxic, water-soluble medium used between two nonfired water-based colors to create an antique wood or aged pottery look. It cracks the top color revealing the base-coat color below.

Additional Information:
Step 1: Basecoat

Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove dust.

Apply base coat color (we chose Black) that you want to show through the cracks. Use either No. 10 Shader or 3/4" Flat Shader. Let dry.

Step 2: Apply Quik-Crackle

When base coat is dry, apply a smooth, even coat of Quik-Crackle.

Clean brush immediately with water and Duncan Brush Cleaner, making sure no Quik-Crackle is left in the metal ferrule.

Let Quik-Crackle dry for at least 20 minutes. Quik-Crackle can set overnight and the same exciting results will be achieved.

Apply Quik-Crackle
Step 3: Apply top color

Working quickly, use a clean, soft brush to apply an even coat of a contrasting top-coat color over the dry Quik-Crackle.

To create a fine web-like cracking, sponge on the top coat. To create fine-line cracking, brush on a thin layer of top-coat color. To create large, bold cracking, brush on a heavy layer of top-coat color.

Choose top-coat color for best results from the OS Acrylics line. Once the top-coat color has been applied, do not reapply more color after cracking starts.

Cracking time may vary from color to color. Wait a few minutes for cracking to start. Allow crackle pattern to develop. Let dry.

Apply top color
Step 4: Spray on sealer
Spray 2 coats of Clear Gloss Spray Sealer onto all surfaces. Let dry after each coat.
Spray on sealer
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