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Hand and Footprint Technique

Hand and Footprint Technique



Technique Description: Spattering is a quick and easy way to add color highlights over a painted design or a plain base coat.

Additional Information:
  • Watch a demonstration video from Duncan
  • Step 1: Load brush with paint
    Load a stiff-bristled Opaque brush with an undiluted or slightly thinned color (the color should be the consistency of milk).
    Step 2: Spatter
    Hold the brush several inches from the piece and run your fingertips through the bristles to produce a fine spatter of color on the base-coated ware. You can spatter more than one color on the same piece.
    Step 3: Flick
    With slightly thinned paint hold the brush several inches above the piece and flick your hand to release the paint from the brush.
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