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Creating a Teardrop Brushstroke


Technique Description: Learning how to create the teardrop brushstroke will give you an easy way to create wonderfully shaded flower petals and elegant designs. The size of the brush you choose and the pressure you apply to the brush create the actual shape.

Step 1: Load brush with glaze
Pour a quarter-sized puddle of color on a piece of foil and dip the brush tip in the color to load.
Load brush with glaze
Step 2: Apply glaze
Lightly press the tip of the brush to the piece.
Apply glaze
Step 3: Slowly pull brush
Slowly pull the brush and press the brush hairs down on the piece to flatten and create the teardrop shape.
Slowly pull brush
Step 4: Lift brush
Then slowly lift the brush to end the teardrop shape with a fine point.
Lift brush
Step 5: Shade brushstroke
To shade the brushstroke, load the brush in a darker color.
Shade brushstroke
Step 6: Pull, press and lift brush
Use the same technique to pull, press and lift the color on one half of the teardrop.
Pull, press and lift brush
Step 7: Detail leaf
To detail and create a leaf stem, pull a fine line brushstroke the length of the stem.
Detail leaf
Step 8: Press brush down to create base
Gently press the brush down at the end to create the stem base.
Press brush down to create base
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