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Tiny Tot Pokey The Snail

Techniques Techniques
Drop And Fill

Drop And Fill

Antiquing Bisque


Technique Description: Give detailed bisque an aged look with this easy wipe-away technique.

Step 1: Apply stain
Place small amount of an Oil-based Translucent Stain on a palette or piece of foil. Use a soft brush to apply 1 coat over a dry decorated piece, being sure to work the color into all crevices.
Step 2: Wipe back color
While the color is still wet, use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe back color, following the contours of the piece. For large pieces, work with one area at a time.
Step 3: Load brush and prepare
Dip a bristle brush into paint, and brush color back and forth over a paper towel, flat paper grocery sack or coffee filter until almost no color shows up on the paper.
Step 4: Drybrush piece
"Dust" the brush back and forth on the detailed areas of the piece.
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