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Bubbles Technique


Technique Description: Our fun Bubbles Technique is a really easy way to apply colorful patterns on your bisque. Use with your favorite Duncan Underglaze colors, or mix and match to your home decor palette. And be sure to share this great technique with the kids!

Step 1: Thin color
For this technique, work with one color at a time. Pour some color in a plastic container.

Add water to thin the color to a milk-like consistency.
Thin color
Step 2: Add dish soap
Add 1 drop of liquid dish soap. Mix together.
Add dish soap
Step 3: Blow bubbles
Use a drinking straw to blow air into the paint/soap mixture to create bubbles.
Blow bubbles
Step 4: Lower piece into bubbles
Lower the outside of your bisque onto the bubbles. The bubbles will pop right on the ware, creating delicate bubble-shaped circles of color.

Repeat as many times as you need to get the pattern coverage you want.

Repeat these steps for each color you want on your bisque.

To finish your piece, glaze and fire as you normally do.
Lower piece into bubbles
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