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Clear Dipping Glaze


Technique Description: Follow these easy steps for successful dipping.

Step 1: Mix in Pail
Mix with electric mixer for about 2 minutes until you see a vortex. Avoid touching edges of pail with the mixing blade. A stainless steel wire whisk can be used to stir glaze periodically.
Mix in Pail
Step 2: Check Viscosity
Submerge a Viscosity Cup into tank and fill with glaze. As you lift cup from glaze, begin timing. Stop timing when the steady stream of glaze begins to break and only a few drops remain. A range of 19-23 seconds is normal. If glaze remains in the cup and reading is below or within this range, or if it takes longer than 23 seconds to drain, the glaze is too thick. Add small amounts of water as needed.
Check Viscosity
Step 3: Dip bisque
Hold ware with hands or tongs. If using hands, wear protective gloves. Rapidly submerge cone 04 bisque, covering 1/2 to 3/4 of piece if large or completely if small.
Dip bisque
Step 4: Remove Bisque
Give hand a slight twist while quickly lifting ware out of glaze.
Remove Bisque
Step 5: Test glaze for proper thickness
Coating should have thickness of a business card over nonpainted bisque areas. Colored areas may appear to have less glaze, which is normal.
Test glaze for proper thickness
Step 6: Dry
Set ware on stilts or rack to dry. Glaze will dry quickly.
Step 7: Dip unglazed portion
If necessary on a larger piece, dip unglazed portion, slightly overlapping glazed area for full coverage. Let dry.
Dip unglazed portion
Step 8: Touch Up
Use an SB807 fan glaze brush to touch up any missed areas with glaze after ware dries. Some bubbles may appear after dipping, especially over painted areas. These will disappear in the firing process. Use a palette knife to shave off drips or runs to prevent airborne dust.
Touch Up
Step 9: Fire Glazed Bisque
Set ware securely on clean, sharp kiln stilts in kiln. Fire to Shelf Cone 06.
Fire Glazed Bisque
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